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Spring Clean Your Diet with North Carolina Sweetpotatoes

March 18, 2021

March is National Nutrition Month, which means it’s the perfect time to clean up your diet and incorporate healthier choices into your snacks and meals. North Carolina sweetpotatoes are a delicious ingredient to add to a variety of dishes, offering numerous nutritional benefits including complex carbohydrates, fiber, Vitamin A and more. This month and beyond, whenever you’re seeking a healthful option for a post-workout meal, afternoon snack or sweet treat, look no further than the orange superfood.

Pre- and Post-Workout

Whether you’re an experienced athlete or an occasional gym-goer, North Carolina sweetpotatoes will help keep you moving. Fuel your workout and aid your recovery through the balanced nutrition our sweet spud provides. 

Developed by Sarah Schlichter, MPH, RDN, this Sweetpotato Blueberry Baked Oatmeal is a filling, low-sugar dish perfect for a pre-workout meal. Made with oats, sweetpotatoes and blueberries, this easy dish can be baked ahead so you don’t have an excuse for missing your sweat sesh. Complex carbohydrates from the sweetpotatoes will give your body all the energy it needs to meet your fitness goals.

After a challenging workout, replenish your body with proteins, vitamins and minerals to help repair and rebuild muscle. Enjoy a Post-Run Antioxidant Smoothie to get in essential micronutrients like iron, vitamin C and vitamin A. Just blend together mango, beets, Greek yogurt and mashed sweetpotatoes for a protein-packed and nutrient-rich recovery snack. Or, opt for a meal the whole family will love with BBQ Apple Sweetpotato Turkey Sliders. These easy-to-prepare patties are made using apples, mashed sweetpotatoes and ground turkey and topped with barbecue sauce.

Afternoon Boost

Whenever you need an afternoon pick-me-up or a quick snack in between meals, look no further than North Carolina sweetpotatoes. Made with mashed sweetpotatoes, oats and spices like cinnamon and nutmeg, whip up these Sweetpotato Energy Cookies anytime you’re craving something sweet.

Take on the rest of your day with plenty of energy thanks to the complex carbohydrates found in this Sweetpotato Toast with Greek Yogurt and Harissa. Using sweetpotato slices as toast, this snack is quick and easy to prepare and can be customized with whatever toppings you’d like. 

Take your typical hummus to another level with our Sweetpotato Hummus. Start with a classic chickpea base, then add North Carolina sweetpotatoes for a nutritional boost and added color. This sweet take on hummus makes for the perfect versatile dressing, sauce or dip for chips, veggies and more.

Healthy Meal Swaps

Switch up your weeknight meals with a healthy swap courtesy of North Carolina sweetpotatoes. Whether you’re a pasta lover or just craving comfort food, try this nutritious Kale and Sweetpotato Baked Mac n Cheese Casserole. Featuring sweetpotatoes and kale, this casserole is a great guilt-free alternative to traditional mac n’ cheese thanks to nutrients like fiber, vitamin A and iron. 

Enjoy an orange twist on your average Taco Tuesday with these Vegan Roasted Sweetpotato & Cauliflower Tacos. Easy to assemble and packed with veggies like cauliflower and black beans, you can customize this dish with whatever’s in your fridge! 

If you’re in the mood for a burger, try our Sweetpotato Sliders for a low-calorie, low-fat option. Mix together lean ground beef and spices for the patties, use sliced sweetpotatoes as the bun, and add whatever toppings you’d like. These sliders are gluten-free and quick to prepare, making for the perfect weeknight dinner.

Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

For a delicious but health-conscious dessert, our antioxidant-rich spud is the perfect versatile ingredient. This Sweetpotato Chocolate Chip Bread is a tasty option for any sweet tooth and can double as a pre- or post-workout snack. Made with whole wheat flour, oat flour and Greek yogurt, the bread is soft, fluffy and chock full of nutrients like complex carbohydrates. 

Calling all chocolate lovers! These Sweetpotato Skillet Brownies from Fit Foodie Finds are perfect for anyone looking to watch their sugar intake. This recipe is grain-free and paleo-friendly, made with coconut flour and coconut sugar. North Carolina sweetpotato puree helps give the brownies a smooth, gooey texture that will have you coming back for seconds.

Try a unique take on traditional oatmeal cookies with these Sweetpotato Cranberry White Chocolate Oatmeal Cookies. These cookies make for the perfect afternoon treat, with sweetpotatoes adding a nutritious burst of energy and beautiful orange hue.

Calling All RDs

Registered Dietitians: this month is your time to shine! Launched just in time for National Nutrition Month, the NCSPC has developed the Registered Dietitian Toolkit, a great resource to help educate both health professionals and the general public about the many nutritional benefits of North Carolina sweetpotatoes. The toolkit is free to download and features healthy sweetpotato recipes, nutrition trends and information, teaching tools and more.

This March, celebrate National Nutrition Month by spring cleaning up your diet with North Carolina sweetpotatoes!

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