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Celebrate National Comfort Food Day with North Carolina Sweetpotatoes

December 3, 2020

Looking for an excuse to cozy up with some of your favorite comfort foods? You’re in luck: Dec. 5 is National Comfort Food Day! This season, savor a healthier twist on rich and decadent dishes by incorporating North Carolina sweetpotatoes that will nourish your body and keep you warm all winter long. 

From classics like soup and chicken pot pie to casseroles and more, celebrate National Comfort Food Day sweetpotato-style with these hearty and delicious recipes: 

Warm up on a chilly night with our Sweetpotato Chicken Pastry. Popular in eastern North Carolina, chicken pastry is similar to chicken and dumplings and consists of chicken and pastry strips cooked in a savory broth. This one-pot-wonder uses minimal ingredients, making it easy to prepare and perfect for sharing around the family dinner table. 

Nothing says comfort food like a fluffy, creamy pot pie, and these Sweetpotato Chicken Pot Pies are sure to satisfy. Gather around the fire or cozy up on the couch with this delectable dish filled with sweetpotatoes, chicken, scallions and peas and topped with a golden-brown puff pastry. 

For an easy weeknight meal, this Sweetpotato Hamburger Casserole incorporates sweetpotato puree and ground turkey for a health-conscious twist on a childhood favorite that is sure to have the whole coming back for seconds! Or, swap out pasta sheets for sweetpotato slices in this Sweetpotato Spinach Lasagna – it has the same cheesy goodness as traditional lasagna but with some added orange goodness.

National Comfort Food Day wouldn’t be complete without dessert, and our sweet superfood is the perfect ingredient. Break out the slow cooker for our Sweetpotato Bread Pudding. This custardy dessert includes bites of sweetpotato and hints of dark chocolate chips for a unique twist on a classic. Chocolate is the ultimate comfort food, and this Sweetpotato Skillet Brownies recipe by Fit Foodie Finds will definitely have you drooling. These fudgy, paleo-friendly brownies topped with a scoop of ice cream are everything you could ever want in a dessert. Featuring a layer of sweetpotato puree, indulge in these easy Sweetpotato Cinnamon Rolls, perfect for a late-night treat or a sweet breakfast.

Kick back and relax this National Comfort Food Day with the help of North Carolina sweetpotatoes! 

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