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Beat the Heat with These North Carolina Sweetpotato Treats

August 3, 2020

As temperatures continue to heat up, you may be looking for creative ways to keep cool. Did you know North Carolina sweetpotatoes are chock full of nutrients that will leave you feeling energized when temperatures rise? But don’t let the “sweet” in sweetpotatoes deceive you: The orange superfood is a guilt-free way to satisfy your summer sweet tooth. 

Check out these four sweetpotato treats that will help you beat the heat this summer:

Kick start your day of fun in the sun with a nutritious breakfast. Mix up this Sweetpotato Creamsicle Smoothie to enjoy a cool blend of yogurt, sweetpotatoes and orange juice that will make you feel like you’re having a popsicle for breakfast. Or, opt for a Sweetpotato Smoothie Bowl to start your morning off with a full dose of Vitamin C, antioxidants, fiber and, of course, a whole lot of flavor!

There’s nothing like a fresh, crisp salad on a hundred-degree day. Spend lunchtime savoring this Sweetpotato Power Salad, packed full of kale, garbanzo beans, avocado, cranberries, red onions, almonds, feta cheese and more, to fuel up for the afternoon ahead. Or, spice things up with this Chipotle Sweetpotato Salad featuring kale, sweetpotatoes, a blend of spices and a homemade dressing. And don’t forget to add this Simple Sweetpotato Asian Vinaigrette to the menu. Use this delicious dressing as a dip for apple slices or your favorite vegetables for a healthy addition to your day. 

Slaw is a summer staple in the south, and this Creamy Peanut and Lime Sweetpotato Slaw is no exception. Featuring shredded sweetpotatoes dressed with a peanut butter, cilantro and lime sauce, this is the perfect healthy addition to the menu for your next backyard barbecue.  

Whether you’re spending your day lounging by the pool or working in your home office, these Sweetpotato Energy Cookies are the afternoon pick-me-up everyone needs. This recipe, developed by the NCSPC’s own Sarah Schlichter, MPH, RDN, is full of spices, sweetpotatoes and semi-sweet chocolate chips, creating an even healthier alternative to your favorite granola bar.  

Sweetpotato pie never goes out of style. Whip up a batch of celebrity Chef Vivian Howard’s Sweetpotato Pie Popsiclesfor a summertime twist on a classic. Perfect for an afternoon of cooking with the kids, this quick and easy recipe will have everyone asking for more. 

Whether you opt to start your day with a smoothie or energize for the afternoon with a cookie or popsicle, North Carolina sweetpotatoes are the perfect treat to help you beat the heat this summer. 

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