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sweet potato salad

Sweet Swaps for Easter: 4 Recipes to Bring to the Table

There’s something so special about getting together with family and friends for Easter – whether it’s a casual brunch or a more formal Easter meal. After a long winter, everyone sure is ready to enjoy a few bright dishes and we’ve got some delicious sweet tater ones for you! Loaded Breakfast Sweetpotatoes For those who need a little extra push to get out of bed, check out these quick and easy breakfast sweet taters by KJ…

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A Fresh Start with Sweetpotatoes

The holiday season is officially over, y’all! While some may have the post-holiday blues, others are breathing a heavy sigh of relief. No matter which you are, we can all agree that the new year means fresh beginnings and time to get things back on track. Don’t get us wrong, you won’t see us turning down a piece of chocolate here and there. We know the key to health is all about moderation because we believe nutritious can also be…

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Celebrating #NationalSaladMonth with Sweetpotatoes!

Y’all know we just love salads, especially when there’s sweet taters involved! To celebrate #NationalSaladMonth throughout the month of May, we’ve gathered some of our favorite salad ideas. Grilled Sweetpotato Salad with Hot Bacon Dressing, Blue Cheese and Pecans Okay, bear with us y’all! We know this isn’t a typical salad, necessarily, but it still counts, right?! This dish is just perfect for those upcoming summertime parties as a side to your favorite barbecue plates.

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Start a New Tradition

Most of us are still recovering from the hustle and bustle of the holiday season. Now its time to turn away from the stresses of the last few months and cook something quick and easy. What we really need is something light and summery, but also something familiar and comforting. The best type of food to fight the winter blahs should be healthy, but in a stealthy way. It needs to taste great too!…

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Sweet Potatoes Shine in the Summer

Is it just me, or do summers keep getting hotter? All this heat makes me crave frozen treats, cold salads and lots of grilled veggies. Where do sweet potatoes fit in you ask? If you follow our blog, you know that our featured recipes prove that sweet potatoes aren’t just for casseroles anymore. Try these 5 summer recipes that showcase just how versatile sweet potatoes really are! Roasted Poblano Sweet Potato Salad You may remember this salad…

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