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sweet potato noodles

Mix in Sweetpotatoes for Heart Health Month

February is a special time of year when we lead with a loving heart and show our loved ones just how much care. Though, you can’t love your fullest without a healthy heart, right y’all? As American Heart Health Month, we encourage you to give YOUR heart a little extra love… with sweetpotatoes, of course! Did y’all know that sweetpotatoes are high in antioxidant activity compared to other vegetables? Antioxidants help reduce your risk of chronic…

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6 Recipes to Satisfy Your Spiralizing Craving

Pile on your veggies, ya’ll! According to the 2015 State of the Plate, we aren’t getting enough fruits & veggies.  In fact, our overall consumption of fruit & veggies has declined a whopping 7% between 2009-2014. If sweetpotatoes could speak, they’d give you the silent treatment. The good news is we have a solution! A delicious and easy way to add more nutritious veggies to your plate is with spiralizing. Just ask Ali Malfucci who quit her job to start blogging…

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Sweet Tater Shout Out: Sweetpotato Noodles + Creamy Almond Lime Sauce

If y’all are anything like us, you like to live a little bit on the adventurous side. That’s why we were simply ecstatic when our Sweet Tater Ambassador, Sweetpotato Soul, came up with this delicious recipe for these Sweetpotato Noodles with Creamy Almond Sauce. She gets her yummy inspiration from her time spent in Thailand and Bali, which definitely comes through with the mixture of tangy and sweet flavors. We promise y’all will…

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