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sweet potato month

Love Your Heart, Love Your Taters

Did ya’ll know that February is National Heart Health Month and National Sweetpotato Month? Coincidence? We think not! We all know our favorite little veggies are healthy, but do you know just how great they really are for your heart? Sweetpotatoes are chock full of Vitamin C, which is not only good for our immune systems but also helps to prevent coronary artery disease. Fiber is also high in these little spuds which helps to lower cholesterol. And many are…

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Happy Sweetpotato Month + Ina Pinkney’s Recipe for Moroccan Sweetpotato Stew with Raisins

Did you know February is Sweetpotato Month? Well it is! And we’re celebrating with some of our favorite chefs that use sweetpotatoes on their menu year-round. Our first chef this month is Ina Pinkney of Ina’s in Chicago. One of her most popular menu items is her Moroccan Sweetpotato Stew. Check out Ina on WGN Chicago preparing her stew and let us know if you attempt to make it at home! [youtube][/youtube]…

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