The Happiest Hour: 7 Sweet Potato Cocktails
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Friday, 5pm - who is your favorite happy hour companion? For us, it's sweet taters! Many are surprised to learn that sweet potatoes are a delicious cocktail mixer.  From vodka to gin, brandy to tequila, sweet potatoes can take your favorite b…
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2017 Annual Meeting of Membership
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PARTNERS IN PROGRESS January 19, 2017 Please join us as we enter our 57th year of serving North Carolina’s sweet potato growers.  We look forward to even more success in providing new information and perspectives for our industry. Location: S…
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Farm to Table: A Year in the Life of A NC Sweet Potato
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Ever wonder the story behind the steamy pocket of caramelized, fluffy sweet potato on your plate? Today, consumers are becoming increasingly interested in learning the history, people and journey of their food from farm to table. In North Car…
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