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3 Clever Ways to Use Leftover Sweet Taters

If ya’ll are anything like us, we’re all about leftovers and using them in creative ways. Because who really wants to be cooking tons of separate meals each week with all new ingredients? Let’s make our lives a little easier. And guess what? Leftover sweet taters can be used in so many delicious ways! Keep these 3 delicious recipe ideas in mind the next time you have leftover sweetpotatoes on hand: Sweetpotato Black Bean Quesadillas – …

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4 Sweet Tater Sandwiches for National Sandwich Month

Summer is comin’ to a close soon, but National Sandwich Month is still something to look forward to in August. And do we ever. That’s cause the meatiness of our sweetpotatoes belong in a sandwich, whether it’s being used as a filling or as the “bread.” So take a look at some of our all-time favorites. Caution: you just may want to grab a sandwich yourself, because these are going to make you hungry. Trust us. Grilled Sweetpotato and…

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Sweet Tater Shout Out: Vegan Sweetpotato Pancakes

We all know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so why do we settle for boring ol’ cereal? Our Sweet Tater Ambassador, Sweetpotato Soul, will make you remember why breakfast is just so darn delicious with her Vegan Sweetpotato Pancakes. Not to mention sweet taters are packed with fiber to keep you fuller longer, and full of complex carbohydrates that give you energy throughout the day! These pancakes are the perfect combination…

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Sweet Tater Shout Out: Breakfast to Dinner

What could be better than servin’ up our sweet spud all day? Our on-the-run Sweet Tater Ambassador, Carrots N Cake, shows us how it’s done. Breakfast: Maple Cinnamon Sweetpotato Pancakes – for all those pancake lovers out there, look no further! These nutrient-rich pancakes don’t compromise on taste and they’re naturally gluten-free. Lunch: Sweetpotato and Blue Cheese Rice Bowl – the combination of sweet and savory will make you want to make this…

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Making the Sweet Swap for the New Year

Why are New Year resolutions so tough to keep? Often folks set their sights too high instead of making small goals that are actually achievable. We’re here to offer something sweet and simple. Try swapping in or adding sweet taters into your favorite recipes. Not only will it make your dishes more delicious, but they’ll be more nutritious too. Here are some healthy sweet tater recipes for you try out! Roasted Sweetpotato Sandwich with Apples, Pesto, Kale and Blue…

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Some Sweet Slices for National Pizza Month

To celebrate National Pizza Month this October, we’re serving up some sweet slices you won’t be able to resist. From breakfast to dinner, our sweet spuds sure do shine on these pizzas! Here are a few of our favorites: Sweetpotato Breakfast Pizzas –You may be surprised to see pizza for breakfast, but this easy-to-make recipe is a hit. Trust us. Adapted from Healthy Food for Living blog, Finalist in 2012 No More ‘Mallows Contest Grilled Sweetpotato Pizza…

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