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World Kindness Day

Do you know November 13th is World Kindness Day? Here at the NC SweetPotato Commission, we take being kind – or as we say, being sweet – very seriously. In fact, kindness makes us happier, according to The Huffington Post. On a biochemical level, it is believed that the good feeling we get is due to elevated levels of dopamine in the brain. Layman’s terms? We get a natural high from being kind,…

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Sweetpotatoes Are a Superfood in More Ways than One

We’ve certainly heard sweetpotatoes proclaimed as a ‘superfood,’ along with being packed with vitamins and antioxidants, but did you also know they’re being used for a cause so much bigger than a sweet swap? In early July, four scientists from the International Potato Center won the World Food Prize for their work in boosting a sweetpotato’s Vitamin A and other hnutrients in an effort to fight global hunger and poverty. Yes, that’s right – our little…

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