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Sweetpotatoes in the Classroom

Hello, teachers!

Greetings from the North Carolina SweetPotato Commission! If you’re looking for materials to educate your students with, you’re in luck. The following lesson plans and activities were developed by North Carolina teachers to help you reach your educational goals and requirements in fun and exciting new ways while teaching kids about North Carolina’s healthiest commodity – sweetpotatoes! Please take a moment to browse our classroom materials.

  • Materials to Download: These 5 lesson plans include activities to help students develop vocabulary and learning skills, as well as understand how they can cope with healthy lifestyle related health issues. Use these plans and reproducible worksheets to spark in-class discussion for developmental tests, homework or special projects.
  • School Foodservice Recipes: We’ve created 5 new sweetpotato recipes that follow USDA guidelines and meet meal pattern components. Lunch just got healthier with sweetpotatoes!