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Cash Crop 2019

By BusinessNC  Posted March 1, 2019 Appeared as a sponsored section in the March 2019 issue North Carolina is much more than its growing metropolitan areas such as Charlotte and the Triangle. It’s also endless acres of cropland, pasture and timber stands. The state’s agricultural sector is open to growth of all kinds. North Carolina has long been the nation’s leading sweet-potato producer. It’s also a powerhouse pork producer and a leader…

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How well do you know sweetpotatoes?

Living Well Eating Smart: How well do you know sweetpotatoes? Sweetpotato Energy Bites By Andrea Luttrell, RDN, LDN Have you ever wondered what the difference is between a sweetpotato and yam? Turns out, quite a bit! While the names of these veggies often get mixed up (and are even used together on packaging), they really are pretty different. And interestingly, most of us have never even eaten a…

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Sweet Summer Treats

What better way to celebrate the summer sun than with a delicious sweet treat made with the world’s best and most natural sweetener? Make this the sweetest season yet, with these three super simple, sweet summer recipes. Sweetpotato Pie Popsicles Cool down from the hot summer sun with these tasty sweetpotato pie pops! It’s as simple as throwing all the ingredients in the blender and freezing it for four hours before serving. What a perfect treat…

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Summer Grilling with Sweet Taters

King of the grill? Starts with sweet, ends with tater! As Half Baked Harvest said, “If you’ve never grilled sweetpotatoes before, prepare to be amazed. The amount of flavor the grill adds to the potatoes is so good.” Here are 5 easy ways to enjoy your sweetpotatoes on the grill: Simple Seasoning – Well Plated‘s Sweet & Spicy Grilled Sweetpotato Fries are simply delicious. Tossed in a sweet, smoky combo of brown sugar and chipotle…

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5 Steps to the Sweetest Summertime Spread

Sweet, sweet summertime is here, which means outdoor dining is too! No BBQ is complete without the perfect starter, side dish, main plate, delicious drink and sweet treat. Follow this easy 5-step recipe guide to build your perfect outdoor dining experience: First, kick things off with a sweet starter. These Sweetpotato Veggie Meatballs are the perfect small bites that both carnivores and vegetarians can enjoy! Once the meatballs have been devoured and enjoyed, it’s time…

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