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Love Your Heart, Love Your Taters

Did ya’ll know that February is National Heart Health Month and National Sweetpotato Month? Coincidence? We think not! We all know our favorite little veggies are healthy, but do you know just how great they really are for your heart?

Sweetpotatoes are chock full of Vitamin C, which is not only good for our immune systems but also helps to prevent coronary artery disease. Fiber is also high in these little spuds which helps to lower cholesterol. And many are surprised to learn that sweetpotatoes are also packed with antioxidants which are linked to reduce risk of chronic diseases and cancer. Do your heart a favor and serve some sweetpotatoes!

Here are a few of our favorite nutrient-rich recipes that you can feel good about eating while celebrating our favorite month – Sweetpotato Month!

Our Sweetpotato Banana Oatmeal Breakfast Pudding will be your new mornin’ favorite! Even your little ones will love this healthy breakfast that will keep ‘em going all day long. Top with a bit of Greek yogurt for a protein-packed meal.sp oatmeal

We know, y’all – we just can’t give up burgers either – they’re so dang good!  #SweetSwap your traditional beef patty with The Whole Bite’s Sweetpotato Veggie Burgers topped with Chipotle Yogurt Sauce.  Our sweet tater superstar is paired with other veggies and yummy superfoods like quinoa and avocado. These burgers are surely guilt-free!sp burgers

For more yummy recipes to help you and your family celebrate National Sweetpotato Month and National Heart Health Month, take a peek on our website! And be sure to tag us in your sweet tater photos with #SweetTater!