How to Cut Sweet Potatoes

Matchsticks, cubes, wedges, planks and more! Sweet potatoes are versatile and delicious in every way, shape and form! Not sure how to cut sweet potatoes? You’re not alone! A recent consumer research survey showed that 20% of young adults don’t feel that sweet potatoes are easy to cook. To help conquer the sweet tater trepidation, The North Carolina Sweet Potato Commission partnered with Jeanine Donofrio of the blog Love & Lemons to show you how to cut sweet potatoes! You may have found that larger sweet potatoes can prove difficult to cut. We recommend using a large knife and gently apply your weight forward to thrust the knife through the sweet potato. To avoid browning, rinse the flesh with cold water. Watch our video below featuring Jeanine to learn how to cut sweet potatoes into matchsticks, cubes and wedges.

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