Fit Foodie Finds + Sweet Potatoes

LeeWhere does healthy meet delicious?

Fit Foodie Finds knows exactly where!
The NC Sweet Potato Commission is joining forces with the food and lifestyle blogger to celebrate our beloved sweet spud and show just how nutritious and delicious this versatile veggie can be!

Who is Fit Foodie Finds?

A fitness activist, health enthusiast, inspirational blogger and sweet tater lover who promotes a healthy and balanced lifestyle through delicious and beautiful recipes, challenging workouts, travel and everything in between.

Each month, Fit Foodie Finds will share a nutritious and delicious recipe highlighting the versatility of sweet potatoes, each accompanied by a video tutorial. We hope ya’ll stay tuned for the latest recipes to try out in your own kitchens!

April: Sweet Potato Power Pancakes

Pancake aficionado? Sick of eggs for breakfast? Or simply need an energy pick-me-up? Then Fit Foodie Finds’ Sweet Potato Power Pancakes are just for you! Simply mix eggs, flour, and sweet potato puree to make a delicious and nutritious batch of pancake! Top with sliced banana, sprinkle of cinnamon and a dollop of nut butter – breakfast of champions! For the full recipe, take a look here!

March: Sneaky Sweet Potato Skillet Brownies

Fit Foodie Finds has done it again! This month’s recipe takes the “sweet” in sweet potato seriously. Grain-free and paleo-friendly, these sneaky brownies use sweet potato puree instead of oil for a healthy twist. Trust us, one bite of these fudgey, chocolately brownies will have you adding sweet potatoes to every baked good! For the full recipe, take a look here!

February: Sweet Potato Hash Egg Cups 

For some, breakfast is truly a fast break. Slept through your alarm? Can’t find anything to wear? Don’t worry – Fit Foodie Finds has the perfect on-the-go breakfast for you! Her Sweet Potato Hash Egg Cups are the delicious balance of cheesy, savory goodness with a filling dose of protein. Better yet? Bake ahead and you’ll be prepared for any morning mishap the week has in store! For the full recipe, take a look here!

January: Super Sweet Potato Nachos for your Super Bowl Party 

The Super Bowl is known as a time to celebrate (or commiserate) with lots of gluttonous grub. Not at Fit Foodie Finds’ tailgate! Self-proclaimed sweet potato lover, Lee, transforms your standard nachos with homemade sweet potato chips for a nutritious twist. We promise you won’t think about those salty, fried tortilla chips again! For the full recipe, take a look here!

December: How to Roast Sweet Potatoes

From cubes to wedges, fries to rounds, sweet tater-expert Fit Foodie Finds shows you exactly how to roast your sweet potatoes to perfection. Season to your liking, pop ‘em in the oven and before you know it, it’s time to dig in! Our tip? Make a large batch for the week – then toss your roasted sweet potatoes into a frittata, onto a salad or simply as a side for dinner! For the step-by-step recipe, visit Fit Foodie Finds.

November: Baked Sweet Potato Cheddar Fritters

Fit Foodie Finds explores the savory side of sweet potatoes, uniting the best of the savory flavors (cheddar & chives, anyone?) then grating them all together into a flavor-packed, baked sweet potato fritter. If you’ve never heard of grating your sweet potato, simply grab your cheese grater and get gratin’. We promise this new kitchen tool will be your best friend when it comes to sweet potatoes. Visit Fit Foodie Finds for the full recipe!