Sweet Potato Noodles with Creamy Almond Sauce
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Author: Jenné :  Created in partnership with Sweet Potato Soul for the NC Sweet Potato Commission Serves: 2-4 Ingredients ¼ cup almond butter or peanut butter ⅔ cup water juice of 2 limes 4 tbsp soy sauce 1 tb…
Creamy Peanut & Lime Sweet Potato Slaw
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Recipe Developed by: Tessa Nguyen, RD, LDN Shredded sweet potatoes dressed with peanut butter, lime and cilantro whip up into a low cost, diabetes friendly side dish. Yield: 8 servings,  ~½ cup servings Ingredients: ¼ cup peanut but…
Roasted Sweet Potato Mango Salsa
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Ingredients 1 ½ C sweet potatoes, cubed small (2 med) 1 C cubed mango ½ green bell pepper ½ red bell pepper 1 jalapeño ½ C purple onion ¼ C chopped cilantro ½ teaspoon salt ¼ teaspoon pepper ½ Tablespoon…
Sweet Potato and Chorizo Tailgate Burrito
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3rd Place NC State Fair Tailgate Recipe Contest Virginia Thompson Durham, NC Prep time:  20 minutes Cook Time: 20 minutes Servings:  20 Ready in 40 minutes Ingredients: 1 ½ pounds chorizo 1 tablespoon oil 1 ½ cups chopp…
Smokey BBQ Sweet Potato Salad
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1st Place NC State Fair Tailgate Recipe Contest Beth Matheson Raleigh, NC Ingredients 2 lbs. sweet potatoes cut into 1 inch cubes 1-3 tablespoons olive oil ½ teaspoon salt ¼ teaspoon black pepper ¼ cup diced red onion…
Sweet Potato Buddha Bowls
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Recipe by Umami Girl Say goodbye to that boring office lunch and say hello to this delicious Buddha bowl! It's the perfect combination of sweet and savory, while providing you with the fiber and nutrition you need to stay full throughout the day.…
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Solterita Salad
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Created Exclusively for NC SweetPotato Commission by Savorez Mexican Restaurant Wilmington, NC Ingredients: 2 medium sweet potatoes 1 tablespoon vegetable oil ½ cup fresh roasted corn kernels ½ cup cooked white beans without l…
Caprese Stack Sweet Potatoes
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Ingredients 2 medium sweet potatoes 4 Tbs. butter, melted 4 Tbs. brown sugar ¾ tsp. cinnamon ¾ tsp. nutmeg 3 medium slicing tomatoes 8 oz. fresh mozzarella 4 oz. prosciutto ½ C. fresh basil 1 pint balsamic vinega…
Sweet Potato Waldorf Salad
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ingredients 3  Cups grated sweet potatoes 1/2 Cup raisins 1  Cup Chopped celery 1/4 Cup chopped green onion 5 oz. chopped baked ham 1/2 Cup sour cream 2 Tablespoons Orange Juice Lettuce for garnish Instructions…
Sweet Potato Wedges with Tahini & Sesame
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Recipe developed by Chef Vivian Howard in partnership with NCSPC I grew up never ever eating the skin of a sweet potato, but now I’m a big fan of its earthy flavor and chewy texture when roasted. This is a simple, healthy crowd pleaser that appea…
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