Be Sweet More Often

The holiday season is good time to remember to be a little sweeter, but we here at the North Carolina SweetPotato Commission think you (and everyone else!) should take that motto and apply it throughout the year. Whether it’s dropping off dinner for your neighbors or bringing in a surprise dessert for your coworkers, it’s important for everyone to be sweet more often.

That’s why we’re partnering with Honest Cooking and 20 incredible bloggers to bring you some sweet potato inspiration. From sweet potato crostini to taco salad in a jar, protein power balls to spiralized sweet potato pasta, we invite you to join us in coming together through something that unifies us all: food. We hope these dishes encourage you to be kind every day to make this world just a bit sweeter for everyone. Stay tuned throughout November for some delicious sweet potato ideas to get you started!

To get y’all even more excited to Be Sweet More Often, we’re giving away not one, but TWO Vitamix mixers (approx.. $500 value): one for you and for that special person you could be sweet more often to as well. Enter our giveaway below for a chance to win.

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And be sure to tag us on social @sweet_taters in your favorite ways to use sweet taters with hashtag #besweetmoreoften!


137 comments on “Be Sweet More Often

    • Wow, sweet potato molasses smoothies sound incredible! Tag us on social if you make those this season Chanlynn!

  1. I’d use sweet potatoes to add plant carbs and fiber to my lunch during work. Sweet potatoes and onions wake up my taste buds and give me energy for the second half of my day!

    • That is so true, Harry! We love that sweet potatoes are full of complex carbs, keeping your energy up throughout the day without that dreaded 3PM crash.

  2. i use them in cookies i had to try it serveral times to get the taste i like a little of this and more of that but that is one way

    • Cookies sound great! Hopefully you share those little guys with friends and family, be sure to tag us on social in any pictures!

    • A classic like a pie is a fan favorite, but a sweet potato hash is perfect to wake up to on the weekend with the family!

    • Sounds delicious! Sweet potato chili is always good for sharing with friends and family (especially during football season!)

    • We’re all about spiralizing right now! Be sure to tag us in any of your sweet potato recipe pictures on social to show us how you’re being sweet more often.

    • We love sweet potato hash! Take a look at some of our recipes, and our recent Honest Cooking blogger sweet potato chorizo hash recipe for some inspiration.

    • Yum, we love international recipes too! Take a look at some of our Hispanic Heritage Month recipes with everything from burritos to sweet potato guacamole!

    • We agree Pamela, be sure to tag us on social of how you plan to celebrate this year, and show us how you plan to #BeSweetMoreOften.

  3. I love using and eating sweet potatoes in different ways in different dishes. I just used two large sweet potatoes in a soup last night. They just added the right amount of color, taste and texture to the soup, it was delicious. I love them baked, made into fries and tots and even as a casserole.

    • We completely agree, Melinda! Sweet potatoes are so versatile and add a natural sweetness to any dish. Be sure to tag us in your sweet potato recipe pictures on social this season.

    • Wow, that sounds amazing Lori! If you plan on making that this holiday season, tag us on social. We’d love to see how you plan to #BeSweetMoreOften.

  4. I LOVE sweet potatoes roasted! I have them with any meal of the day! Something new I would like to try is the sweet potato brownie recipe that is on your FB page. Yum!!

    • Breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert: there’s always a reason to have sweet potatoes, Sarah! And we love the sweet potato brownies too, let us know if you try it out!

  5. I love sweet potatoes because they are so versatile. They can be used as the MAIN DISH for one of my favorites I like making- Buffalo chicken stuffed sweet potatoes, A SIDE- roasted sweet potatoes and brussel sprouts, or DESSERT-sweet potato coffee cake! Yum 🙂

    • Buffalo chicken sweet potatoes?! Now that sounds incredible! Be sure to tag us in your sweet potato pictures and how you plan on adding a little bit of kindness to the world, to #BeSweetMoreOften!

    • Hi Lindy, sweet potatoes are great for those with diabetes. We have a whole section on our site that discusses it – check it out!

  6. I already use sweet potatoes all the time (one of the best foods ever!), but I can always use ideas for more ways to use them and be a little more sweet! I’ll definitely be making a sweet potato pie for my husband as a weeknight surprise, just to be sweet, because he grew up in the south and it’s his absolute favorite!

  7. When making Sweet Potato pies, pudding or casseroles to get the true sweetness out of a Sweet Potato bake it in the oven rather than boiling. It’s always better to Be Sweet More Often!!

  8. I love sweet potatoes with dinner, simply baked with cinnamon and butter. my son sprinkles a bit of brown sugar, and as long as it gets more veggies into him, I’m OK with that.

  9. Someone in 82-83 sent me a case of sweet potatoes. I gave most of them away ’cause I had no idea what to do with them beside oven bake ’em. My grandmother made the most delicious pies and sweet potato biscuits, and my mother fried them as a Sunday morning breakfast treat. But they are both gone.
    I have someone who will share her pie recipe and I’ve been successful making oven fries…biscuits are not my forte and baking works every time, though tips are always good to know. Thanksgiving’s coming and my inner chef is gearing up for the annual sweet potato casserole. Calories won’t count ’cause it’s my birthday!

  10. I love me some sweet potatoes! Candied, mashed, cut into fries or wedges, baked – I never tired of them. My next recipe…cream of sweet potato soup! Yummy

  11. I LOVE sweet potatoes and use them in everything from pancakes to stir fry …all delicious. But my favorite is baked sweet potatoes…you can cut them French fry style, quarter them, cube them or bake them whole….so many varieties and all so healthy! Can’t get enough of them! A sweet treat you can’t resist!

  12. I love making baked sweet potato fries seasoned with cinnamon, cayenne and rosemary. After they’re cooked I finish them with a drizzle of honey!

  13. One simple, easy, weeknight way I use sweet potatoes is to cut them into thick slices, saute in butter, sprinkle with salt, pepper, and a bit of coconut palm sugar. Very quick, easy, and so yummy.

  14. I’m vegan and sweet potatoes are really great for all types of sauces or just as a staple. I would use them to make my favorite Mac and Cheese sauce!

  15. I’d celebrate my dog’s birthday by make a sweet potato purée for the pups, and sweet potatoe pies with graham cracker crust for the pawrents #besweetmoreoften

  16. I use seeet potatoes as a substitute for taco shells! A healthier (and personally more delicious) take on taco Tuesday! I also save the extra sweet potatoe i dig out for smoothies! #besweetmoreoften

  17. I’d whip up sweet potato soup for my three Little’s to take to school for lunch on the upcoming frosty days. #HealthyIsYum for #KidsWithFoodAllergies

  18. Several of my friends and their kids are coming to my house for Thanksgiving and we will have a sweet potato bar with all kinds of toppings, from sweet to super-sweet, while sharing stories and making new memories!

  19. I eat sweet potatoes at least twice a month. They are one of the few vegetables that I can safely serve to my husband without him making a face at me.

  20. We love sweet potatoes, I add them to smoothies, stews, breads, cakes, muffins, i think they are fantastic baked or fried as a chip or wedge, i love adding them to soups, sauces and even to make nicecream (healthy icecream alternative). They are so healthy and a great alternative if you have a sweet tooth or just to change things up and they are a huge staple in our house.

  21. I looove sweet potatoes and can’t wait to try your sweet potato smoothie bowl. For thanksgiving I’m making sweet potato casserole, hope my family loves it!

  22. I frequently bake sweet potatoes as part of dinner, but to be sweet more often for dessert try dicing some sweet potatoes in with your peach filling for a tasty twist on cobbler!

  23. The Sweet Potato Cheesecake Brownies sound so good! I’d try them for sure!
    (I think I left this comment in the wrong place. Hope it’s not a duplicate!)

  24. I want to make your sweet potato fries! They sound so yummy and healthy! When I make sweet potatoes, even my 4-legged pups love them!

  25. Love love love Sweet potatoes~ One of the easiest and healthiest ways I make our day a little sweeter with sweet potatoes, is by washing them, and then baking them for lunch! ( if time is a factor, they can also be microwaved.) Have a little dish or either coconut oil or butter on the side. Then put little bowls of fave toppings out- roasted pumpkin seeds, roasted pecans, tahini, dried cranberries or cherries, and so much more! ( and of course a mini jar of maple syrup! )

  26. My favorite way to eat sweet potatoes is just roasted and plain. They are delicious just as they are. I also love them in a cream soup or spiralized and replacing noodles. Yum!

  27. I love roasting sweet potatoes and bringing them as a side dish to family gatherings. With a little maple syrup, cinnamon, and salt, everyone loves them!

  28. I love sweet potatoes! I roast them in the ocean year round and include them in many of our meals (salads, eggs, vegetable medley, biscuits, this time of year pie, etc.) but our most favorite is hash.

  29. I love making roasted sweet potatoes and sweet potato fries for my family as a side for dinner! 🙂 I am obsessed with sweet potatoes in any form though! So delcious.

  30. Sweet potatoes, hmmm, just love them in so many ways. Sweet potato fries, sweet potato pie, just plain sweet potato’s and the list goes on. Just had some for supper tonight,

  31. Sweet potatoes are one of my favorite foods! I love them in anything, including the sweet potato smoothie I made yesterday! I also love sweet potato chips, to be sweet more often I would make a big batch and share them with friends.

  32. I may be preaching to the choir here but has anyone else tried Sweet Potato Pecan Pie? I make mine in a spring form pan prepped as you would any piecrust then the bottom is filled with my sweet potato pie mixture then that is topped with a pecan pie mixture and baked till the pecan pie filling is done at which point the sweet potato is also done. Its important to let this cool and set enough to cut without the pecan mixture running off like a sauce. For a more festive touch use some Grand Marnier or Triple Sec in the sweet potato mixture and a bit of Bourbon or Rum in the pecan mixture; if you top a slice with whipped sweetened cream with some vanilla and enough of the liqueur of your choice to scent the cream,eat,smile. Kitchen hack if your pecan pie doesn’t set up enough and it runs a bit heat some Bourbon /Rum with a bit of sugar and when serving pour some on the plate and flame it top with cream or ice cream while flaming ; it will look intentional and you’ll be a star.

  33. #BeSweetMoreOften is the BEST phrase ever. First I have to say that I really do love sweet potatoes and they are a snack I always have at home when I am in the mood for something sweet and healthy and delicious. My favorite pie of all time is Sweet Potato Pie, and I always love making it all during the holidays. Throughout the years I have developed it so that now everyone in the family asks for it at Thanksgiving and Christmas! My newest Sweet Potato recipe that I cannot wait to try is your Sweet Potato Brownie. It’s ingenious! Thank you for creating it!!!

  34. We eat lots of sweet potatoes as we eat mostly Paleo. They are great in so many things. Baked with butter and molasses, in hash with left over meatloaf and onions, with eggs for breakfast, in muffins and cookies instead of pumpkin. I know I will keep finding more ways to enjoy them for a long time.

  35. I like to use sweet potatoes for fries (made some last night) as well as mashed in veggie burgers. And let’s not forget for latkes.

  36. I would make mini sweet potatoe tarts! They are so good, and everyone loves them. It would be a nice treat to warm someone’s day! #BeSweetMoreOften #EatHealthy #Kindess

  37. I love making hearty vegan power bowls with sweet potatoes! Add some kale, chickpeas, and a tasty dressing, and I’d make a delicious comfort food for my best friend and me.

  38. I love sweet potatoes!! I eat them all the time!! My favorite way is roasted and I always make a sweet potato pie for thanksgiving instead of pumpkin, it tastes similar but the sweet potato pie has a deeper flavor and it’s so good!!

  39. Sweet potatoes are amazingly versatile – I love dicing and roasting a big batch, then freezing it for easy use! I like adding roasted sweet potatoes to salads, soups, and savory hashes (with tofu or veg sausages for protein). Also, I’ve seen a couple recipes for a PURPLE sweet potato pie that I’d love to try – bet it’d be beautiful!

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